Mary's Beverage Review - 12-1-2011

Happy December, everyone!  We have a late night review tonight!

Capt'n Eli's Blueberry Pop

Another pure cane sugar find!

I love blueberry flavored things, and I have never had a blueberry soda!  I don't really like that it is called "Pop".  That kind of negates the worldly feel I think they were trying to go for with the packaging.  Only three states in the USA say "pop".  Despite the fact I live in one of them, I try to avoid it whenever possible.  Ah well, even I have slip ups.

Let's give it a taste!  It reminds me a lot of sparkling fruit juice.  Tasty!  Looking at the ingredients, it looks pretty good for a soda, too.  Water, Cane Sugar (always a plus over HFCS), blueberry juice concentrate, grape juice concentrate, blueberry flavor and preservative.  So, it's basically a bubbly blueberry juice! :D  Yay!  I was expecting a syrupy candy drink, I was wrong.

I would recommend it based on good ingredients and a non-artificial tasting flavor.  Better than I thought it would be!


Guilty Pleasure Movies

Do you guys have any movies that you really don't want anyone to know you like?  I am sure you do.  I do!

I like the Casper movie a lot.  I have no idea why.  I generally hate live action re-makes of cartoon movies, 3D CGI animation makes me sad, and it just may be Eric Idle's worst movie appearance ever*... but I like Casper.

I really do.  :O

On a side note, I was fortunate enough to meet Eric Idle once.  High point of my career.

*Or maybe Quest for Camelot was his worse roll?  That's a guilty pleasure too...
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So, watermarks...

Stop it.  Really.

There's no point at all to obnoxiously watermarking the hell out of every square inch of the artwork you put up online.  Yes, it *might* eliminate some pre-teen DA user from stealing your work and reposting it (they usually do it anyway), but that's the chance you take when you post something publically on the internet.

Besides, pre-teens trace anyway.  Your gigantic horrible symbol all over the drawing isn't going to stop that.

Anyone with a working knowlege of photoshop can remove a watermark in like 10 miniutes, so if you are worried about someone stealing it to make money off of it, you aren't doing any good.

It makes your work look awful and completely unprofessional.  Please knock it off.  :(

This isn't aimed toward anyone in particular, just something I am seeing a lot.
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