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Continuation from last post...


I just did some triple checking, and I think I will be able to swing one of the deluxe resorts after all!  It would basically push me back up closer to my original budget... but  !!!

Animal Kingdom Lodge and Old Key West are totally affordable.  Saratoga Springs, Boardwalk Villas, and Beach club are borderline.  Grand Floridian is out.  Sadly, the one I want the most, the Polynesian is out of my range.  Fort Wilderness Cabins are affordable, but not really on my list of wants.  I think I am going to lean towards Animal Kingdom, but I'll see what Miguel says.  I think we will probably agree on it. :)  Can't really afford the Savannah view, but just staying at a nicer place I think would be worth it?

For those who have stayed, what is the main difference between Coronado Springs and Animal Kingdom lodge?  The price difference between the two is $500.  Would it be worth it?

I have already stayed at Coronado Springs earlier this year with friends, so I have a frame of reference for that...

I love this special.
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