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Making a header posty thing...

Welcome to my little slice of live journal pie! I am an avid reader, sometimes poster. Don't expect anything fantastic here, sometimes I write about stuff I see or sodas I drink ha ha. If you are here for my art or anything, you might have to look elsewhere... (ahem www.micecomics.com ahem).

I usually only friend back people I have either known for a while online or have met in real life and have some kind of real friendship relationship with... as I do post friends only content from time to time.

Thanks for stoppin' by n' stuff!


Just letting you know!

I don't use this anymore so I've cleaned out just about everything except some commuities I read every blue moon or so.  Haven't posted here in a long time, and have no plans to do so.  Just don't have time!

See ya around!

(ONLY the CHICKEN FLAVOR oh my gosh)


Fun fact:
If you eat McDonald's fries while drinking a Hi-C Orange drink, it tastes exactly like the 80s.

Continuation from last post...


I just did some triple checking, and I think I will be able to swing one of the deluxe resorts after all!  It would basically push me back up closer to my original budget... but  !!!

Animal Kingdom Lodge and Old Key West are totally affordable.  Saratoga Springs, Boardwalk Villas, and Beach club are borderline.  Grand Floridian is out.  Sadly, the one I want the most, the Polynesian is out of my range.  Fort Wilderness Cabins are affordable, but not really on my list of wants.  I think I am going to lean towards Animal Kingdom, but I'll see what Miguel says.  I think we will probably agree on it. :)  Can't really afford the Savannah view, but just staying at a nicer place I think would be worth it?

For those who have stayed, what is the main difference between Coronado Springs and Animal Kingdom lodge?  The price difference between the two is $500.  Would it be worth it?

I have already stayed at Coronado Springs earlier this year with friends, so I have a frame of reference for that...

I love this special.

Happy chatterings...

Miguel and I never had a honeymoon, although we'll be married 5 years this July!   We kinda' got married in a ramshackle way, eloping because I didn't want my parents to have to pay for anything.  I've always kinda' felt bad that we couldn't really afford to go on a honeymoon or any vacation just the two of us at all, for that matter.  Any time we have had a vacation, we've had other people along, which is great, but we *really* need some alone vacation time.

I have so much coming up this year... so much that it's making any future vacation look impossible.  I've been working like mad, trying to save money so we can actually do this.

But I had 2 strokes of incredible good luck this week!!

Firstly, I got a dealer table at MFF.  I was already planning on trying for an artist alley table... but there is only so much money one can pull in at an alley table.  Not having a stable location and the ability to have a display really hurts sales.  I've been on the waiting list for a dealer table since early May, and wasn't really expecting to get one... but one opened up!  Because of that, I should be able to make more than enough to book a vacation to Disney at the end of January, right after FC!

The second stroke of good luck is perfect timing!  I go on the Disneyworld site at least 3 times a week to check pricing for different times of the year on resort packages.  I almost booked a vacation in October, since they had a free meal plan deal going, but I only would have been able to afford a value resort hotel at that time.  Those who know me know how much I *adore* children, so this was going to be a big compromise for me.  Those value resorts just scream child trap.  I fully understand the fact that it is Disney, and there's gonna' be a lot of kids - but as a childfree person, I do my best to not put myself in places where I'm basically asking for it.

I had a budget in mind, and had picked out a moderate resort stay that just skirted under my budget.  However, there is a special running right now where I can get a ton of money off a moderate resort hotel!!  So now, I am about 900 dollars UNDER my budget!  This, coupled with the fact that I have an MFF table means I should be able to book the vacation in a few weeks!  :D :D  I was even able to make it a 9 day long trip because of the savings!

I am so excited and actually happy!  I don't think I've felt this happy in forever.  I am finally going to go on a vacation with my husband.  I'm probably driving him crazy chattering about it, but I am so delighted.  We will be going at the end of January through the beginning of February.  I'll also have FC money on hand as a backup, in case anything goes wrong while we are there.

I'm going to keep working hard, but I am so incredibly thankful for this turn of events. :)


Do you?

Do you ever think of me?  I really miss you sometimes.


So I woke up this evening to find my Firefox is retarded.  Keeps giving me a crash report, and although it will start in safe mode, I can't get it to run normally.  Worked for an hour and a half on it, taking out all the prefs/extensions/etc, cleaned out all files on my computer, ran all the malware/virus checks, restarted, re-installed a billion times.  No change.

Sooooo running Chrome for right now, until I have time after AC to actually figure this out more.  I have a brand new computer (that I worked incredibly hard for), and I've been really careful about not visiting any dicey sites, or downloading anything weird.

So I dunno!  Guess I gotta' get used to Chrome!

Have no time for this nonsense.


I don't usually make "celebrity death journals" but Davy Jones...  Just saw him in concert last June.  I'm glad I had the opportunity.

I grew up listening to my mom's Monkees records when I was a kid.  A lot of happy memories, and I still listen to it today.  As I get older, it's hard to watch the people I looked up to age and die.  Harrison Ford is wasting away before our very eyes, Pee Wee's gained weight, and Davy Jones is dead.

Life is pretty damn short, but it's comforting to know you can make a small difference in the lives of others while you're here!

Last Day of Vacation...

Today will be the last day of vacation I gave to myself.  Since getting back from FF, I've been lazing around, eating things that are bad for me, and doing generally nothing.  It's okay, I guess, but I keep feeling guilty for not accomplishing anything.  Picked out my new computer, which will be rad since mine has been freaking out n' stuff.  Going to splurge and buy something awesome, since I never get to.  Finally will be able to run Photoshop without it freezing unexpectedly every 2 seconds.

Texas was pretty fun, definitely not long enough.  Ended up staying around Dallas for the few days before the con, since we didn't have *too* much time.  The con was a nice success, and I am planning on going next year.  It was good to see many of my favorite people all in one spot, and everything went generally smoothly.  I don't think that's happened at a con in a while.

March 1st, it will be back to work - I am going to be pretty busy!  Already have a lot of work lined up, and have FCN to plan for.  Right after FCN, we are planning another vacation.  How spoiled.

Music for Today...

Mary's Beverage Review - 12-1-2011

Happy December, everyone!  We have a late night review tonight!

Capt'n Eli's Blueberry Pop

Another pure cane sugar find!

I love blueberry flavored things, and I have never had a blueberry soda!  I don't really like that it is called "Pop".  That kind of negates the worldly feel I think they were trying to go for with the packaging.  Only three states in the USA say "pop".  Despite the fact I live in one of them, I try to avoid it whenever possible.  Ah well, even I have slip ups.

Let's give it a taste!  It reminds me a lot of sparkling fruit juice.  Tasty!  Looking at the ingredients, it looks pretty good for a soda, too.  Water, Cane Sugar (always a plus over HFCS), blueberry juice concentrate, grape juice concentrate, blueberry flavor and preservative.  So, it's basically a bubbly blueberry juice! :D  Yay!  I was expecting a syrupy candy drink, I was wrong.

I would recommend it based on good ingredients and a non-artificial tasting flavor.  Better than I thought it would be!

I put a cat in a tie...

Then I Photoshopped a smile on his face.


Toys R Us Review


The most accurate drawing of Mary ever.

Art by Kipper. :D

It's Brony Time.

Gonna' post this here now before I go ahead and post them to FA tomorrow...


title or description

Yep, there they are.  My Little Ponies.  And they can be yours now.  Right now!

Now with Discord!

Mary Mouse's Stash at Storenvy.com!


Guilty Pleasure Movies

Do you guys have any movies that you really don't want anyone to know you like?  I am sure you do.  I do!

I like the Casper movie a lot.  I have no idea why.  I generally hate live action re-makes of cartoon movies, 3D CGI animation makes me sad, and it just may be Eric Idle's worst movie appearance ever*... but I like Casper.

I really do.  :O

On a side note, I was fortunate enough to meet Eric Idle once.  High point of my career.

*Or maybe Quest for Camelot was his worse roll?  That's a guilty pleasure too...



So, watermarks...

Stop it.  Really.

There's no point at all to obnoxiously watermarking the hell out of every square inch of the artwork you put up online.  Yes, it *might* eliminate some pre-teen DA user from stealing your work and reposting it (they usually do it anyway), but that's the chance you take when you post something publically on the internet.

Besides, pre-teens trace anyway.  Your gigantic horrible symbol all over the drawing isn't going to stop that.

Anyone with a working knowlege of photoshop can remove a watermark in like 10 miniutes, so if you are worried about someone stealing it to make money off of it, you aren't doing any good.

It makes your work look awful and completely unprofessional.  Please knock it off.  :(

This isn't aimed toward anyone in particular, just something I am seeing a lot.


When I was in Pre-School I got a My Little Pony.  Her name was Peaches.

Here she is:

I remember being a little weirded out that her name was Peaches and she had hearts on her instead of the fruit.  I brought her to school for show and tell.

Cap Collection - September 2011

About 9 more have been added since this pic was taken but...

Each one different.  Collecting for about 10 years.  :O


Mary's Beverage Review - 9-3-2011

So it's been forever since I've done one of these, but I just snagged about 4 new soda's from the Amish Grocerystore!
( http://www.endofthecommons.com )

Today we're gonna' do Coco Fizz Chocolate Soda.

Made with Pure Cane Sugar!

Trying it out, it's VERY VERY sweet.  I was kind of hoping for more of a cola/bitter dark chocolate flavor, but this is pretty much like drinking a watery hershey bar with carbination.  It would benefit greatly from a solid base flavor.  Not bad, but not incredible either.  It would taste great with some peauts. :D

It is what it is, a novelty chocolate soda.  Definately gonna' brush the chompers after this one :)

Awww yeah.

I love sniping 30 dollar items on ebay for 10 bucks.  4 seconds left?  You know it.

You know it.

"I'm for sale!"

Thought I'd try out the Dealer's Den auction site with a new drawing! You can check it out/bid here:


If you know someone who may be interested, please pass it on!



I love when I get a really fun character to design. Just finished up one that was a lot of fun, and the customer is great too. :)

Been doing some semi-fun work in the past few days, sadly most of it I can't share right away cause it's for secret projects/convention work, so it probably looks like I haven't been working too much. So much to do!

Certified Tags On Sale Now!

Going to go ahead and announce this here first!

If you didn't make it to AC this year, and wanted to purchase some Certified Tags, I am taking orders for them now.  There are also a few new styles that weren't at AC.

All the info you need to order, and samples of what is available is here:

Please feel free to pass on that link to anyone who may be interested!

About custom tags...
A lot of people have asked about customs.  Yes, I will be doing them, but they will be slot-based commissions and will only be open occasionally.  I will announce on my twitter and FA journal when I have openings.  I am still closed for all commissions at this time while I catch up on outstanding work.

Don't see the animal you want?
I get a lot of comments of "why don't you have..."   The answer is I am making them in my free time, and still plan on making many more.  I read all the comments and suggestions, and will base some future designs on your feedback.  So be patient!

Anthrocon Badge Pre-Orders OPEN! :D

I am now open for pre-orders for badges for pickup at Anthrocon!

Read all about it behind the cut!Collapse )

Bahati Theme Song

Jzanky doesn't have a theme song.  Only Bahati.  And a high quality music video.



 So I guess if I had to come up with a concrete starting team for my Pokemon, it'd be...

Yes, Muk.  He'll mess you up.

I don't really go for powerhouses, I just play who I like best. :)  A few switch hitters would include Charizard, Articuno, Shaymin (Land style), Absol and possibly Mew.  Oh and Wailord cause WHALES.


Open now for FCN Badge orders!

For those interested, I am open now for badge pre orders for Furry Connection North!

Click the graphic for prices and info.

How to order:
1 E-mail me at lilgreymouse @ gmail . com (minus spaces) and let me know which size you'd like.  Please also send any reference you'd like me to use.
2. I will send you a confirmation and payment info.  Payment is due in advance via paypal to get a pre order slot.
3. I'll e-mail you a scan of your badge before the convention.
4. Pick up your badge at my dealer's table any time the room is open.

Please e-mail me any questions you may have!


Let me start this journal by saying I enjoy fandom-based events and recognizing talent within the fandom.  The key word being within.

Today I want to chat a little about the Ursa Major Awards, a great idea that unfortunately gets lost in pointlessness.  The majority of the nominees are non-furry, mainstream projects which likely don't care about receiving such an award.  I understand the motives of wanting to make the fandom seem more acceptable to outsiders but... yeah... hmm.

I know there aren't any furry-made motion pictures, but lets take a brief look at some of the nominees in the category "Best Motion Picture"...  I sincerely doubt "How to Train Your Dragon" cares if some furries give it an award.  "Alpha and Omega" doesn't even really deserve to be acknowledged by anyone. Don't get me started on why "Toy Story 3" shouldn't even be on that list... oh yeah, talking plastic dino toys.  I'm sorry.

All that being said, and sarcasm aside for a few moments, there are a fair few actual fandom-based creations listed.  I read today that my friend B-Hop's Furry Basketball Association was up for best game, so I decided to go vote on some things to support not only my friend, but a fandom based creation in an otherwise mainstream dominated category.

I decide to take a look and maybe vote for a few more things while visiting the site.  Low and behold, what do I see in the "Published Illustration" category?

Most amusing.

Just another small closing observation...  The fandom is seething with excellent talent.  There are crafters of every sort, visual arts, music, literature, costuming, performance.  Many of these folks don't get much recognition, especially if they are not contributing to the unnecessary piles of adult material which are over-running the fandom.  I feel it would be better if we promted our own, instead of drawing more attention to a poorly made Orangina commercial (yes, that was nominated).

Although, now that I think about it, a "best fursuit" category would either be won by the same person every year and/or cause a ton of drama.  Maybe just leave it alone.

Shampoo and Conditioning.

Three essential qualities...

... for producing my best artwork:


In any order, but all are required.

I am considering taking some marker commissions, something I rarely do.  Because they significantly differ in price from my digital work due to the quality being higher and the time spent being longer, I thought I'd gauge some interest...

- My marker work is drawn on Bristol board and colored with Prismacolor and Copic markers.


If you'd like to know more, please read beyond the cut...

...cut cut cut cut...Collapse )

New Fursona

I made this so I can fit in better at furmeets:

I drew it all myself 100%.


MFF Badge Pre Orders are now OPEN!

Check out the nifty ad!

click to make me big!

Opening a little early here on LJ, because I always get slammed with orders the week before the con.  I'd love to get a jump on badges early!  I will be working on these in between other commissions and projects, so you can expect to see your badge anytime between when you pay and a week before the con.

Please, do not comment here with an order. Follow the steps on the graphic.  That way I can handle your order smoothly and efficiently!

My standard commission rules apply,  they can be read here.  I will accept mail order badges, but they will be completed along with everyone else's.  Please keep in mind that I only ship to the USA.

Thank you for looking!  If you know anyone who may like a badge, please share this info.  :)


I do not want to see my favourite movie in a theater packed full of little brats being encouraged to "Sing Along".

I am getting close to just becoming a full hermit.


I wanted to share this screen shot of my desktop tonight because it looks ridiculous and made me laugh.

Mary's Beverage Review - 7-28-2010

I have a very special beverage to review and try today.  It's incredibly unique.  I have been saving it since AC, but if I don't drink it soon it might go bad! :D

For those of you not aquainted with Flux, he can be found here:
He's even doing a contest now to win a free can!

He has an incredibly awesome character and suit.  He's also a cool guy, although he is a tail biter.  Now, he got these nifty little energy drinks custom made from a site called www.privatelabelenergydrink.com  I might want to utilize this in the future, to make cans of feasox blood or something...

As for flavor - it's VERY much an energy drink flavor.  Sharp bite, pisses you off while you drink it.  You know, the kind of flavor that builds character.  Has the slight after taste of evil.  I like it.  These are the kind of flavors that remind you you're alive.

Overall Grade: B
Awesomeness Factor: A++++++

Con Stock Clearance

Hey!  My next con is not for a few months, so I decided to clean out some of my left over table stock.  I will be hopefully trying some new things out at MFF, so many of these items will not be produced again.

so it's time for... the Summer Con Stock Clearance!

Click for the stuff! :D :DCollapse )

Please ask questions here!  If you don't have a LJ, you can post anonymously! :D


Foods and Drinks

So chatting a little with mammallamadevil and some other folks about delicious drinks that are hard to find.  I love rare sodas, I don't know why.  And it seems like I love everything that is hard to get or not made anymore the best.  It's proably all in my mind, but oh well.

Here's where I ramble about treats!Collapse )

Con Badge Preorders

It's getting closer to AC every day, but I still have spaces open for Con Badge pre orders!

Orders will close on or before June 20th, 2010!

Please refer to my post in the Anthrocon community for more info:

A sure bet for smiles.

In 18-20 minutes after I preheat my oven, I'm about to have some sweet potato fries.  As you can see from the package, they are new.  Woot!

I love sweet potatoes.  It's one of those things that I always thought was disgusting until I tried it like 5 yeas ago and I regret not eating them my whole life.  Not to mention, this package of sweet potato fries pretty much GUARANTEES that it will cheer me up.

See, a sure bet.  It's in print, so it must be true.

Mary's Soda Review, May 5th, 2010

So these have been sitting in my fridge for about 2 weeks now, and I suppose it is high time I get to tasting...

"Choose the Next Dew 2010"

Dews behind the cut...Collapse )

Changing up my LJ a bit...

Okay, so I've been thinking on and off for a while about cleaning up my livejournal, and actually using it more often.  I've been avoiding this, because I am most likely going to hurt some feelings in the process.  In this new age of Twitter, Facebook, etc, it is almost a crime against nature to "un-watch" or "un-friend" somebody digitally.

I would really like to use this journal more as a personal place to feel free to speak my mind.  I have always been content with being a private person, and to not let everyone in the world know everything that is going on in my life.  I know I can filter stuff, but frankly I don't want to deal with that.

All of that being said, this journal will be mostly friends-only in the future (unless it's for silly posts that don't mean much), and I will be cleaning my friends list and narrowing it down to people who I know well in real life, or have some sort of connection to, and feel comfortable with knowing a bit more about personal issues.  I have also missed a lot of posts by good friends, posts that I really wish I would have seen.

I understand that even making this post may sound arrogant, but I have been guilted in the past for unwatching or unfriending, and I felt I should at least say something before I do it.  Please understand it is not my intention to hurt anyone.  <=)

You are more than free to keep watching me if you like, I still will be making some public posts, but I will not be hurt if you decide to un-watch.  <=)

Con Badge Commissions Open!

Now open for badge commissions - for pickup at FCN or for mail order!

Info Behind the Cut!Collapse )


I think I finally know who Carly Simon was singing about.

So I keep seeing this ad...

As I hock all my stuff away on eBay this week, this keeps popping up. I added the parts they forgot.

Best Sticker Ever.

My laptop!



I'm gonna' come out and say it.

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